Snippety has been designed to make your life easier and to significantly improve your productivity.

Like Spotlight

Works in every text field. Press ⌘⇧Space and access your snippets from any place you like.

Syntax Highlighting

Supports syntax highlighting for over 50 languages.

iCloud Sync

Synchronizes your snippets between multiple devices using iCloud.

Auto-Resolving Placeholders

Snippety provides placeholders that are automatically resolved when using a snippet: auto-incrementing number, calculated date, and command-line script.

Data Placeholders

There are also placeholders that work using your clipboard content, selected text, or even a file content.

Input Placeholders

Standard placeholders require your input when resolving a snippet. There are three basic types: selectable date, selectable value, and text variable. The last one allows you to use a single value in many places in your template.

Limitless Possibilities

Snippety provides you a command-line placeholder that can run a script using your clipboard content or text selection. The result is automatically inserted into your template.

This gives you almost limitless possibilities. You can apply advanced text transformations, use web API to insert some data, or even perform some system tasks.

Uninterrupted Work

Snippety provides a feature called Snippet Expander that can paste a snippet without even opening the app.

The only thing you need to do is to set keywords for your snippets. Then just type ":your-keyword" and the snippet will be automatically pasted.

You can even pass text variables using the following format:

Simulate Keys

Snippety provides a simple way to simulate keys in your snippets.

Using this feature you can auto-fill forms or even perform much more complicated tasks using app-specific shortcuts.

Anything that you can do by just using a keyboard can be simulated in your snippet.

Works Great on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

iPad & iPhone FEATURES

Snippety Keyboard

Dedicated keyboard that allows you to browse and insert snippets wherever you type. You can even fill placeholders without opening the app!

Share Menu

Select text in any application and use share menu to quickly create a new snippet that will synchronize on all devices.


Snippety supports placeholders on all devices. Build your templates and enjoy using customizable placeholders!

Light & Dark Mode

Enjoy Snippety no matter if you are light or dark mode fan. It is adjusted for both. Even using Snippety Keyboard!

iCloud Sync

A shared database will allow you to use Snippety on all your devices ensuring instant synchronization.


In the video below, you will learn how the application works and see an overview of Snippety's features.


Snippety 5.0 presents the Live Template that enables you to fill in placeholders while seeing the final result!

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It's been a while since I've fell in love with an app so quickly, but Snippety did. It's a little different than what I'm use to, but the power and convenience made it worth to me. After just one week I find myself using this little app a lot and in new ways all the time. Keep up the great work!

Jerry Pena

Really enjoying integrating Snippety into my daily workflow. It hits the sweet spot between simplicity, ease of use, and added power. Can't recommend this enough!


This has speeded up my work flow no end. I now have dozens of frequently used messages at the push of a few buttons. Love it!


Absolute No. 1 little helper, available across iPhone, iPad and MacOS, synced via iCloud. My favorite tool when it comes to quickly note down some code snippet.


Very simple to use and very powerful. With a few simple keyboard shortcuts you have your snippets instantly. It stays in the toolbar always present for when you need it. As you create new snippets, groups are created depending on the language. It also supports placeholders. I love it!


This is really what I was looking for. I use it for many text snippets. Like standard customer service e-mails and other text snippets that I need every day. Before I had to select/copy/paste from a text file every day. Thanks to Snippety I really save a lot of time.